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A Day Celebrating Weddings by YWD

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  1. ScottStebner / November 24th, 2007 19:21

    Hey Cameron:
    Great Ad and wedding commentary in YWD. I was in SLO and from everything you posted on here, had to grab a copy. Keep it up man! And tell me when you’re going to start doing those workshops :-)


  2. Scooby / November 24th, 2007 20:20

    Wow! With publicity like that, you’ll be booked for two solid years.


  3. Emi / November 26th, 2007 15:50

    Congrats guys! Your booth looked phenom (with a little help from Anna no doubt) :)

    We miss you guys!


  4. Stephanie Williams Photography / November 27th, 2007 18:34

    I love YWD! Such a gorgeous wedding magazine! Your booth looked awesome!


  5. Tim Halberg / November 27th, 2007 19:23

    very cool!

    I gotta find out how to get involved with those guys.

    Fun booth setup man!


  6. Jasmine / November 28th, 2007 4:42

    you’re awesome…

    give anna my love!


  7. FluentNSmiles / December 1st, 2007 20:27

    You’re WAY beyond cool Cam! Have you ever thought of how close your name sounds to Camera? Sorry, random thought. Anyways, you have God’s favor my friend. Fabulous work. And I can see some of Anna’s extra touches. I love it. Be blessed!