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Now There are Three

Posted on 02 Mar 2011 Comments Off on Now There are Three

Now There are Three
This is my lovely family! Before Christmas Jose Villa captured the three of us while we were still in baby-ville. We are in love with the pictures and have them largely displayed over our fireplace in thrift store mismatched frames and it looks awesome. It was important that we catch this precious stage of our family before he sprouted into toddler-dom.

Anna and I realize that it’s crazy that we are those people… Parents! We co-made a human together. We are raising that human. We feed him, clothe him, bathe him, play with him, we have routine. We discuss whether to get a mini-van or suburban. Our lives are no longer just ours, they are his. Pictures without Asher in them seem millions of years ago though we’ve only been married without him 3 years.

Asher has brought loads of joy and love to our lives. Just when I think I can’t love him any more I feel my heart expanding! Everyday he changes. I find myself holding him sometimes, breathing it all in, remembering that these days are fleeting. It seems I can’t photograph him enough. Since he’s found his legs it’s proved more of a challenge to capture his daily activities, but I haven’t given up, I just use a smaller camera, my iphone. 😉