I am passionate aboute love, marriage and family. Every wedding to me is an honor to document and a privilege to attend. Since getting married and starting my own family, my commitment to photography has only deepened. We have pictures of us all over our walls! Those moments that have passed are slivers of fleeting time. I wouldn’t remember the beauty and emotion of those experiences if it weren’t for photography.

My story is simply about your story. It’s all about your love, beauty, purpose, interests and dreams. You believe that your lives can make a difference. You are changing the world by becoming one, a new you! Most likely you are pursuing careers and/or lifestyles that count for something greater. Something that makes you come alive and in turn makes a difference in the lives of those you serve. That’s what I’ve always believed my work and life should be about. Simply put I’m a picture taker, but more so I am a people person with the job of capturing and reminding. With my camera I give permission for you to be fully present, enjoying every moment and in the end I’m going to remind you of how you felt, who you celebrated with and who YOU are at this beautiful stage of your ever unfolding love story. I only wish I could see the sweet faces of your kids when you share your story with them one day!


My Family


Meet my family! My beautiful wife, Anna and I, have been married for almost a decade. We have two wonderful boys Asher and Cohen. We are so blessed to live on the Central Coast of California in beautiful San Luis Obispo. Anna and I grew up locally and met after college. We accidentally became best friends, fell in love and got married on an incredibly gorgeous spring day in March. Our love story has been a sweet one full of adventure as well as heartache always covered by God’s grace. During our engagement we went through marriage preparation counseling and now offer mentoring to other engaged couples through our church family.

Family Care Network


When I was attending college I got a part-time job serving foster youth and at risk children at Family Care Network. I spent five years as a behavioral therapist for kids ranging from five years old to 19. During that time I started my photography business and had to left the company to go full-time. My relationship with the non-profit has recently rekindled as I have come to serve as a board member. My heart has always been to see troubled kids lives transformed and families preserved which is the heart of this company. I get to give back by making my gifts and talents available to Family Care Network.

The Wedding Standard


I founded The Wedding Standard to bring to light all of the amazing wedding artists and venues here on the Central Coast of California. This was created for the bride and groom who are looking for wedding vendors motivated by love, passion and excellence. We feature interviews with wedding professionals who are the best of the best. These are real people who don’t just work for a paycheck, but who work for a love for their craft, the people they serve and a have gift for making each couple’s unique love story come to life.