Annika & Matthew (Los Angeles)

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  1. Arnie Weiner / July 15th, 2012 1:01

    The photos are beautiful (as are both of you). I feel that I had a small part in getting the two of you together. You were a “perfect” couple from the very beginning. I have composed and written a folk song called “May Your Love Last Forever”. You two were part of my inspiration to write it. I anticipate that it will be part of my first CD. I’ll make sure to send you a copy when completed. Treasure every moment you have together.

  2. Saleha Syed / July 31st, 2012 18:43

    Good Luck and have a blessed life.

  3. Saleha Syed / July 31st, 2012 18:46

    We enjoyed your beautiful wedding:)