Europe (Summer of 95′)

Posted on 08 Mar 2011 Comments Off on Europe (Summer of 95′)

The summer I turned 16 my love for photography was born on a missions trip to Europe with a point and shoot camera. I traveled to over 8 countries and shot so much film that I had to get a real job when I got home to pay for developing. Oh, and on the last week of my trip I incidentally lost my mothers $30 camera at the Palace Theater in London.

Photography had taken root into the core of being and I needed to keep shooting. My grandfather happened to be a hobby nature photographer in his young adult years. He owned a SLR camera; a sweet Contax RTS (I dont know what that means). Ironically while I was in Europe falling in love with photography my grandfather passed away.

Soon after my Aunt caught wind that I had the photo-bug she mailed me my grandpa‚Äôs camera with a sentimental letter about how she thought I should have his camera to carry on his legacy. Something like that. Well, I didn’t know much about legacy and I didn’t know anything about photography but I knew that I needed to learn more. So I enrolled in the best photography program that Paso Robles High School had to offer, Yearbook. I could care less about football games and pep rallies but I would happily photograph anything with people just for the chance to take pictures. I wrote a pretty horrible article about school spirit and did an amazing pre-Photoshop hack job involving scissors and scotch tape. Lets just say yearbook was not my passion.