Fall in Love Workshops & Mentor Sessions

Posted on 08 Apr 2011 Comments Off on Fall in Love Workshops & Mentor Sessions

Fall in Love Workshops
A couple times a year I host workshops for professional photographers. Because I’m almost as passionate about seeing people living their dreams as I am about photography it’s become natural for me to teach and help other photographers build and grow their businesses. For me it’s not about showing people “how to” do what I’m doing. Instead, I seek to inspire photographers to identify their dream, hone in on their brand, find their voice and boldly share the way they see love with the world. My workshops are intimate, refreshing, encouraging, and informative. We will spend a day immersed in exploring and discovering who we are as photographers. The second day will be devoted to technique and training. We will photograph together a real life totally in love couple. I will demonstrate how to take awkward people and make them comfortable in front of the lens. Most importantly I show how to bring their personalities to the surface during our photo shoot to create images that are genuine, emotional, and overflowing with love!

Various topics that we cover:
-Finding your voice
-Defining your brand
-Learning from failure
-Fighting the sun
-Getting published
-Building a healthy and profitable business
-Photograph real people naturally

I will announce future workshops here and on the blog. If you are interested in being notified email me to sign up on the mailing list: fallinlove(at)cameroningalls.com

Cameron Ingalls Photography: Fall in Love Workshop from Ben Potter & Drew Barefoot on Vimeo.

Mentor Sessions
I am also offering Mentor Sessions for individual photographers who want to exclusively learn at their own pace. These are 100% custom! I tune into specifically what the photographer wants to learn and needs to know. We spend a whole day together talking, eating, shooting, editing, and getting inspired.

For those who want some one-on-one time with me fill out this form to get the ball rolling: Mentor Contact!