Falling in Love All Over Again (7.17.09)

Posted on 08 Mar 2011 Comments Off on Falling in Love All Over Again (7.17.09)

Being pregnant I’m learning is like falling in love all over again.

Anna especially has become infatuated with this little person that she is slowly getting to know growing inside of her. There is so much mystery and suspense that she says it feels like when she fell in love with me and then like when we were engaged planning our wedding. Such anticipation and excitement!

It is so fun to watch Anna feel such a connectedness to our boy Asher. As a dude it’s more difficult to connect because my body isn’t growing a man-child. However, I have been recently able to feel him kick when I put my hand on her belly late at night. It is pretty incredible to feel our little babie’s shape and to catch his occasional kicks or punches. I told Anna the other night that feeling my baby kick is like glimpsing a shooting star.

I took these pictures when we walked Morro Bay last week during our date night. We are really trying to do a date night each week to keep our romance alive and kicking. The real challenge will come when Asher does. But we are committed to pursuing each other’s heart through the years and the continual busy-ness.

Well, I just wanted to keep everyone updated on our baby-making progress. Anna is glowing with a womanly beauty that is evident to anyone who comes in contact with her. I am thrilled to watch my new wife become all that she was created to be as she enters this new stage of motherhood and I can’t wait to very soon meet Asher Ingalls!

The last few photos are by the wonderfully talented Michelle Warren!