Welcome to My Dream

Posted on 08 Mar 2011 Comments Off on Welcome to My Dream

After high school I inherited my Grandfather’s 35mm camera. I immediately began photographing friends and family whenever possible. My love and appreciation for people caused me to see and capture them uniquely through the lens. Over the years this hobby evolved into an obsession and people began requesting my services. One fateful September day, while shooting a friend’s wedding, I had the revelation that I was created to do this. I had never felt so alive doing anything! Ever since I have been living my dream by pursuing the art of wedding photography.

I am passionate about love, marriage and family. Every wedding to me is an honor to document and a privilege to attend. Since getting married and starting my own family, my commitment to photography has only deepened. We have pictures of us all over our walls! Those moments that have passed are slivers of fleeting time. I wouldn’t remember the beauty and emotion of those experiences if it weren’t for photography.

I am happy to share my life and love with you. I have many pictures to illustrate the many moments that have led me to here. For those who want the looong story than click to the next chapter. Otherwise, enjoy some beautiful pictures of people in love and let it remind you of the ones you hold dear.

Photos by Jose Villa.