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  1. oakie joel / September 29th, 2006 14:07

    congrats, cam! love it…


  2. Emery Jo / September 29th, 2006 14:50

    is this a national publication? I WANT ONE.

    I know him!! I know him!

    I’m soooo proud of you Cameron… We miss you like the deserts miss the rain.



  3. Anonymous / September 29th, 2006 20:03

    Cameron Extraordinaire!! It is so great to have your amazing work featured as well as your beautiful philosophy and approach to photography. CONGRATS!!!
    - Sean & Monique


  4. Jasmine / September 29th, 2006 20:32

    Congrats, Cameron! What a blessing and you are totally deserving of it! :)


  5. Christan & Allegra Parreira / September 29th, 2006 21:22

    I felt inspired to tatoo your myspace AND your blog with CONGRATULATIONS! You have such an amazing gift that you don’t take for granted with a heart that turns it all back to God. I really do admire it! I’m one of your biggest fans! GO CAMERON!


  6. Cheatwoods / September 30th, 2006 16:01



  7. halle / October 1st, 2006 21:50

    You truly are unbelievably good at what you do. I think that’s why I won’t shut up about it… :) Congrats Camarama. You deserve it.


  8. Michelle / October 2nd, 2006 19:11

    Congrats! I can’t wait to get the magazine and read your article.


  9. Anonymous / October 3rd, 2006 1:32

    Way to go Cameron! The article you wrote is amazing! All new couples NEED to read it. We love you and your work and are truly excited to have you in the magainze. Thanks for your support and your beautiful words.
    - From the team at YWD


  10. erika (myspace bride) / October 13th, 2006 6:32

    that is so awesome! yay!


  11. erika (myspace bride) / October 13th, 2006 6:33

    That is soooo awesome! YAY!


  12. michael & alisa / October 16th, 2006 16:53

    wow… cameron… that’s great! if only every couple knew the importance of having an engagement session done with your wedding photographer! speaking of… time to place my order!