You are the reason why I pick up my camera! My photography isn’t about how I see the world, it’s really about how you experience and live your love story. You are either a fun outgoing couple who are madly in love and not afraid to show it or a shy deeply loving couple worried if you can even be photogenic. You are planning a party that brings your families together from across the globe in a celebration that you don’t want to forget a single moment of. And, if you’re still reading you hope to find a photographer who will capture the way you naturally looked, felt and how great you loved on this this most special day so that you can remember it all for a lifetime! I absolutely love doing… just that.


This is a free standing modern photo booth. It’s clean, compact and super automatic! With an open concept guests can gather, grab a prop, tap the screen and capture the ultimate selfies. The Cam Booth is a popular form of entertainment for receptions and gives you the opportunity to get fun photos of your family and friends enjoying your party. Prints will come out of the printer below the base for party favors. Guests also may email or text images directly from the screen.

the-cambooth11.png umbrella.png